Saturday, September 20, 2008

Catching a glimpse of heaven

My niece is expecting a baby. I am very excited to be a grand-auntie. She and her husband have a sealed envelope on their refrigerator that indicates the gender of the baby; they do not want to know before the birthday. However, all of the aunties and the soon to be grandma, want to know. We figure it would make gift buying so much easier. I want to try to convince her to mail me the envelope so I can have a glimpse of its contents. I promise not to tell her, but I will share the news with my sister and all the other aunties.

I have a test coming up on Monday. (stop here and say a short fervent prayer) ( thank you) I am up to my neck in “isms” such as nativism, empiricism, interactionism, constructivism, and even rationalist constructivism. Ism havingism troubleism thinkingism ofism anythingism elseism.

I am not actually worried about the test. Hmm, is that a rationalization-ism? Okay, I am a bit worried. I wish I could get just a glimpse of the test. Not to cheat, mind you; after all, we are studying moral development. No, I would use my glimpse just to make sure that I am studying the right isms.

Maybe I better take another glimpse of my notes, instead.

God has been blessing me this week with something much more important than any ism thought up by any earthly philosopher. He has been blessing me with small sweet glimpses of heaven.

My first glimpse came in the form of notes in the mail from good friends. These notes remind me that I am surrounded by love and prayers. These friends have pointed me to the truth that God’s plan is bigger than what I can imagine and that His attention is on every detail. If you are a person who sends notes, gives hugs, or otherwise checks on people, please know that you should never underestimate the value of what God has called you to do. The children of God are blessed by your encouragement.

My second glimpse was in seeing networks of people pulling together to help two families I love and pray for. This is God’s work. The praying and the doing, the planning and the caring, the laughing and the loving; friends gathered together to stand by a fellow brother or sister in a time of crisis. In heaven we will not need fundraisers or meals brought to our house. In heaven we will stand with the people who stood with us on earth and look into the face of God with joy. I know that the church puts more emphasis on, and gives more honor to, things that have numbers. Counting members, dollars, programs, new churches, missionaries, etc. is all very important to the work of God. But, bringing a meal, providing a shoulder to cry on, lending a hand or a listening ear; these are the small sweet glimpses of heaven.

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.

Isaiah 66:13

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